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EasyGL is a library based on the OpenGL graphics library. We are modifying the OpenGL library to make it easier for begginers to use, faster for pros to develop games.

This week has been a fairly big week for EasyGL. First with the resstructuring of the library and then moving on towards developing the image loading and sprite library. With the restructure it makes it easier for me to develop certain areas of the library and I don't have to focus on other parts until I need to. With that I do not know it the Maths section works or not.

The future features:
Future Releases of EasyGL will include .bmp image loading, .wav sound loading and other cool features. For version 0.0.3 the .bmp image loading will hopefully be complete. 0.0.3 may have other features added although I can't tell at the moment.

From the Project Director:
I know I haven't worked on this project for almost 3 months (in fact I haven't been programming since then). I hope that now I am back into programming I can add a nice lot of features that gets people using EasyGL for projects.

EasyGL Download:

Name Version Size Link
EasyGL Latest Version 0.1.0 145.5kb here
EasyGL Latest Source 0.0.2 7kb here
Previous Release 0.0.2 1.7mb here

Are you using EasyGL:
If you are using EasyGL tell us we will be glad to put the project information on this site, on the projects page. email me at wayne_312@live.com


EasyGL Files